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In a highly competitive business environment, you need talent that is not only exceptional, but can also adapt to changing times. To help ease the process, our Talent Development Program is designed to hone employee skills for better business agility and performance. Our solutions include:

High Potential Talent Identification & Development

  • Identify talent through targeted assessments
  • Offer customized development programs

Leader Coaching

  • Development competencies to help employees align with oraganization goals and culture
  • Offer customized development programs

Online Career Platform

  • Identify talent through targeted assessments
  • Offer customized development programs

Our Solutions

Career Development

Effective career management is crucial to winning the confidence and loyalty of employees. A structured and well-implemented strategy can boost employee engagement, performance and retention. Through Synergy solutions:

  • Business leaders can play an active role in their employees' growth story
  • Individuals can assess their skills and opportunities and define a desired career path

Leadership Development

Good leadership is critical to every organization. Synergy Global's Leadership Development Program adopts a proven approach to help identify leaders who can steer the organization forward.

  • Assess and identify talent
  • Develop behaviors that impact business
  • Define KPIs to ensure that outcomes are aligned with goals


Offering outplacement services to employees helps enhance brand value. Studies show that such companies enjoy increased productivity, engagement and loyalty from their workforce. To help ease the process, Synergy offers efficient and smooth transitions leading to a win-win situation for you and your employees.

How we do IT ?

To ease the process and enhance the impact of our program, we offer training through the following mediums:

Online Virtual Training

Corporate Training

Online Self Learning