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Synergy Global works across several areas of the scientific industry such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Forensics and Pharmacy. This helps us connect with leading scientists across the globe, as they strive to use their knowledge and skill to innovate and create.

  • Biotech Industry Functional Areas

  • Chemical and Industrial Expertise

  • Clinical Lab Specialties

  • Clinical Talent

  • Environmental Health and Safety

  • Oil and Gas Industry Specialties

  • Food and Beverage

  • Clinical Research

  • Clinical Trials Research

  • Medical and Regulatory Affairs

  • Data

  • Operations/ Business Development

  • Healthcare/

  • Industry/Patient Care Settings Specialties

  • Clinical

  • Medical

  • Medical Device Industry Functional Areas

  • Specialized Medical Device Disciplines

  • Petrochemical/

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Functional Areas

  • Specialized Pharmaceutical Talent

Make headway with the best talent in the science industry