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Quality and Process

When it comes to hiring the right talent, there can be no compromise. Which is why, we at Synergy, work with advanced processes and systems, ensuring quality across all aspects of staffing. The Synergy Staffing Module comprises various elements:

Synergy Staffing Module

Complete Solutions

  • Client-centric Model
  • Expansive Network
  • Comitted Service

Skill Development

  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Training and Development
  • Domain-specific Expertise

Innovative Processes

  • Qualified Staffing Personnel
  • 24/7 Recruitment Model
  • Client-centric Solutions

Enhanced Quality

  • Multi Layers of Quality Check
  • 100% SLA Compliance
  • Dedicated Audit Team

Support System

At Synergy, we believe in creating a support system that can be customized to the needs of every client. We adopt advanced tools and flexible processes to offer a highly efficient recruitment and delivery process.

Our support system offers features such as:

  • Extensive database with real-time information on over a million candidates
  • Robust screening process resulting in highest placement-to-submission rates
  • Accurate compensation analysis and rate benchmarking for cost efficiencies
  • Rapid deployment within 48 hours, for anywhere in the US
  • 24/7 recruitment support
  • Robust screening process resulting in highest placement-to-submission rates
  • Dedicated Human Asset Management Group (HAMG) executive for constant feedback

Recruitment Process

Synergy follows a well-planned and systematic process to recruit the best talent for your organization. Our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of global and local trends enables us to meet your demands anytime, anywhere.

Our Recruitment Process and Delivery Options are designed to ensure operational agility and productivity, helping your organization gain the competitive edge.

1. Discover

  • Identify company objectives
  • Understand organizational culture

2. Recruit

  • Develop recruitment plan
  • Identify potential candidates

3. Quality

  • Assess potential candidates for skill and fit
  • Verify references and professional history

4. Match

  • Present shortlisted candidates
  • Manage interview process

5. Offer

  • Make company offer to candidates and handle negotiations
  • Deliver signed offer letter

6. Follow - Up

  • Continual follow-up for smooth placement

Parterning with Us

Synergy's presence in 36 offices across 6 countries enables access to a diverse talent-pool of skilled and experienced professionals. Partnering with Synergy will give you:

Greater Speed

Through continuous screening and assessment of potential candidates worldover

Quality Skills

Through our Training and Development Center which offers over 3,000 courses

Outstanding Results

Through our recruitment system that sources skills for agility in business operations

Perfect Hire

Through our uncompromised efforts to source candidates who are a perfect fit for your organization